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Unlock radical self-knowledge

I know when I am ovulating based on my ~~temperature~~ saliva!


Fertility monitoring. Refined.

The world's first at-home fertility monitoring system, using your saliva.
3 simple steps to start learning about your fertility and ovulation by measuring your progesterone levels and your cervical fluids.

1. Collect Saliva

flexible and noninvasive measurement process

The inne test is designed to allow you maximum flexibility. Take it any time within your four-hour testing window between 5am and 2pm.

2. Measure

a real-time measurement of progesterone in your saliva

The inne Reader interprets your daily hormonal reading and sends it directly to your inne App, using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Making sure you are always up to date.

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3. Learn

personalised messages based on your hormones

With the inne App you can build your own progesterone trend curves based on your daily measurements and learn more about your fertility and ovulation today as well as throughout your cycle. By tracking symptoms you see how they correlate with your hormonal levels and the phases of your cycle.

Red Dot Award Winner

We are proud to announce the inne minilab has been awarded the highly sought-after Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021. An internationally acclaimed seal of excellence, recognizing outstanding design and innovation, the Red Dot Award is one of the world’s largest competitions with over 18,000 entries each year.

Whatever your goal, inne can help you achieve it.

Get pregnant

Know your most fertile days to increase the chances of getting pregnant by directly measuring your hormones.

Know your body

Track your symptoms across your menstrual cycle and see how they correlate with your progesterone levels.

Decode your cycle

Know where you are in your menstrual cycle and get insights into your unique patterns based on your daily progesterone levels.

  • When did I ovulate?
  • Could I get pregnant today?
  • What do my cervical fluids say about my fertility today?
  • What is my progesterone trend for today?
  • Can I learn more about the role of hormones in my cycle?
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Get your minilab today

Take charge of your cycle with inne - the only convienent method to understand your progesterone trends.