Designed to fit your routine

inne is designed to fit your routine

How it works
It all starts with a daily routine
3 simple steps to start learning about your fertility and ovulation by measuring your progesterone levels and your cervical fluids.

1. Collect Saliva

flexible and noninvasive measurement process

The inne test is designed to allow you maximum flexibility. You can take it any time within your four-hour testing window in the morning. The only criteria: No foreign substances in your mouth for 30 minutes prior to testing.

2. Measure

a real-time measurement of progesterone in your saliva

The inne Reader interprets your daily hormonal reading and sends it directly to your inne App, using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Making sure you are always up to date.

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3. Learn

personalised messages based on your hormones

With the inne App you can build your own progesterone trend curves based on your daily measurements, learn more about your fertility and ovulation today as well as throughout your cycle. By tracking symptoms you see how they correlate with your hormonal levels and the phases of your cycle.

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Magically connected

The inne reader sends your progesterone results to your inne App by connecting seamlessly to your iPhone, via Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi, adjusting to your everyday life, wherever you are.
Your fluids made simple (Product > Product Feature Slider > Slide 2)

Your fluids made simple

The inne app teaches you how to read your cervical fluids. Learn to interpret this important sign of your fertility and women's health. Know what they reveal about your body today and discover your personal cervical fluid pattern over time.
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Your fertility at the tap of your finger

Know when ovulation occurs, follow your hormonal pattern along your menstrual cycle and learn more about the meaning of the different cycle stages. Day by day.
Designed for an active lifestyle (Product > Product Feature Slider > Slide 4)

Designed for an active lifestyle

You can hug, shower or get your kids out of the house and still get reliable measurements. Hormones in saliva are not affected by your environment, party nights or the flu the same way your basal temperature is.

Using the inne system

What's included in the Starter Kit?

inne Reader

3 months of inne Strips

System Manual, Quick Guide & USB-C Charger

FAQ - Answers to your questions

There is plenty to ask about when entering this journey. We have collected a few of the most relevant questions and tried to address them in the clearest way possible. If you still need more information, visit our help center or connect with us via chat. We will be happy to share all we know.

What distinguishes inne from other fertility monitoring methods?
Do I need an iPhone in order to use the inne mini lab?
What does it mean to be certified as a "fertility monitoring system"?
Which hormone does inne measure?

Can I use inne?

inne is currently a good fit for women who for the last three months can relate to these criteria

I am not pregnant
I am not breastfeeding
I am not on hormonal contraception
I am not on a treatment that affects my cycle
I am not experiencing menopausal symptoms
I do not have polycystic ovarian syndrome
I do not have endometriosis
My cycle is between 22 and 35 days long
I am older than 18 years old
CE-Certified (Product > Minilab > Download Box PLACEHOLDER!)
CE-Certified for fertility monitoring