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The entire inne team is proud to announce the successful completion of the clinical study on the effectiveness of the inne minilab for contraception.

Inne has set out to provide women around the world with a modern, safe and hormone-free method that enables them to take charge of all aspects of their fertility reliably and in-depth. 

The inne minilab is currently certified for fertility monitoring, its use for contraception is under review by the certifying body. Read more here.

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Study results

  Effectiveness Pearl Index
Perfect Use 100% * 0.0 *
Typical Use 92% 7.98

With typical use, inne has a Pearl Index of 7.98, which means that 8 out of 100 women who use inne as a contraceptive for one year could become pregnant - comparable to the pill.

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* For the inne study, a Pearl Index of 0.0 was achieved with perfect use, but there is a residual risk of pregnancy outside the study setting that cannot be ruled out.

The results confirm the effectiveness of inne as a natural contraceptive method in addition to the functions for promoting conception and cycle and hormone tracking.

Contraceptive method Perfect Use Typical Use
Pill 99% 93%
Condom 98%


Symptothermal method 98% 93%


Clinical Study Results Summary
Read more about the Clinical Study
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Our Science

The inne minilab is the first in the world to measure progesterone changes in saliva offering deep insights into your hormonal health.