It's your inne moment

In 3 simple steps, just once a day is your moment to connect deeper.



Simply deposit a little bit of your saliva.

1 Collect Image-2


Insert your strip into the inne reader.

2 Measure Image-1


Let the minilab do the rest and uncover your unique patterns.

3 Observe Image-1

A comfortable testing experience

Collect Image v2

A Comfortable Experience

We chose saliva because it is clean and easy.

  • Non-invasive saliva test
  • Test wherever you’re comfortable
  • Requires only a few drops of saliva

A Flexible Experience

We designed inne to fit into your life, not the other way around.

  • You decide when you take your inne test
  • You have 4 hours each day, no need to rush
  • The flu, sleep, or alcohol, don't affect your test

A world-first mobile hormone lab

Magically connected, always ready

Your inne reader is small enough to fit in your back pocket.

  • Smaller and lighter than your phone
  • Long battery life, only charge it once a month
  • Connected with both Bluetooth and Wifi

A companion app, always by your side

Track progesterone across your cycle

Guess what? We decided to not make our app pink!

  • Look into your hormones daily
  • Find out if you are fertile or not
  • Easily track cycle how you feel
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The world's first at-home fertility monitoring system, using your saliva.

  • 12 month subscription
  • €29/month
  • €129 inne minilab
Month 01 - BG #F5EFE6 update
Month 01
Welcome Kit
  • inne reader
  • inne strips for 1 month
  • Manual & Charger
Month 02 - BG #F5EFE6 update
From month 02
  • 1 month supply of inne strips
  • Delivered to your doorstep

Can I use inne?

inne is currently a good fit for women who for the last three months can relate to these criteria

I am not pregnant
During pregnancy, you do not have a menstrual cycle. Therefore you should wait until the second consecutive period after the end of the pregnancy, even if the pregnancy was not carried to term before starting to use inne.
I am not breastfeeding
When breastfeeding, your hormone levels might fluctuate and your menstrual cycle is not regular. Therefore you should wait until the second consecutive period after you stopped breastfeeding before starting to use inne.
I am not on a treatment that affects my cycle
Medical treatments that can affect your cycle, should indicate so in the patient information leaflet of the respective medication. The inne minilab measures how your progesterone behaves during the menstrual cycle. If our menstrual cycle is affected due to another treatment we won’t be able to provide you with accurate evaluations.
I am not experiencing menopausal symptoms
Menopausal symptoms can be hot flashes and night sweats. During menopause, your hormone production decreases and can fluctuate. We hope we will be able to support women during menopause in the future.
My cycle is between 22 and 35 days long
For now, we can ensure the accuracy of the results for cycles between 22 to 35 days long. We are always working on making our system available for a wider variety of cycles.
I am older than 18 years old
The inne minilab is a medically certified system for fertility monitoring. It is intended for women above 18 years old.
I am not on hormonal contraception
Hormonal contraception affects your natural hormone levels. You should have had two consecutive cycles after you stopped using hormonal contraception before you start using inne.
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