Fertility monitoring based on a simple saliva test

Fertility monitoring based on a simple saliva test

An innovative saliva test designed to allow you maximum flexibility. Take the test at any time within your four-hour testing window in the morning. The only requirement: no foreign substances in your mouth for 30 minutes before testing. The inne test is not affected by the hours of sleep you got, or whether you consumed alcohol the night before, because it does not measure your heart rate or your temperature; it measures your hormones.

Get insights based on your daily hormonal trend

Get insights based on your daily hormonal trend

Measure your progesterone levels daily and understand your own unique hormonal trends. No more confusion on faint lines of ovulation tests. Understand your own ovulation based on your hormones and get personalised insights on the different parts of your own unique menstrual cycle. Because no body is the same.

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Your fertility at the tap of your finger

Know when ovulation occurs, follow your hormonal pattern along your menstrual cycle and learn more about the meaning of the different cycle stages. Day by day.

Designed for an active lifestyle Lifestyle

Designed for an active lifestyle

You can hug, shower or get your kids out of the house and still get reliable measurements. Hormones in saliva are not affected by your environment, party nights or the flu the same way your basal temperature is.

Your fluids made simple Your fluids made simple

Your fluids made simple

The inne app teaches you how to read your cervical fluids. Learn to interpret this important sign of your fertility and women's health. Know what they reveal about your body today and discover your personal cervical fluid pattern over time.

Magically connected Reader

Magically connected

The inne reader sends your progesterone results to your inne App by connecting seamlessly to your iPhone, via Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi, adjusting to your everyday life, wherever you are.

Using the inne system

What's included in the first shipment?

inne reader

inne reader

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inne strips for 1 month

System Manual, Quick Guide & USB-C Charger

System Manual, Quick Guide & USB-C Charger

inne is not certified for contraceptive use.

FAQ - Answers to your questions

There is plenty to ask about when entering this journey. We have collected a few of the most relevant questions and tried to address them in the clearest way possible. If you still need more information, visit our help center or connect with us via chat. We will be happy to share all we know.

What distinguishes inne from other fertility monitoring methods?

inne is a one-of-a-kind resource to gain insights into your individual hormonal patterns and access radical self-knowledge.

Based on a simple and convenient saliva test, inne captures the subtle changes in your day-to-day progesterone levels to detect and predict your fertile window.

While other fertility monitoring methods only detect the temporary surge of certain hormones around ovulation, inne is tracing your progesterone patterns throughout the whole cycle, drawing your unique hormonal portrait over time.

Developed to blend seamlessly into your everyday life, inne is the first of its kind to employ a convenient saliva test instead of a urine-based approach to measure your hormone levels.

What does it mean to be certified as a "fertility monitoring system"?

The inne minilab is CE-marked as an in-vitro diagnostics medical device for self-testing with the intended use of detecting changes in progesterone (in saliva) across a woman's menstrual cycle. By monitoring changes in progesterone across the menstrual cycle, the inne minilab is able to identify a woman's fertile window (based on ovulation prediction and confirmation), but also luteal and follicular phases.

Which hormone does inne measure?

The inne minilab detects progesterone trends in saliva throughout the menstrual cycle. Progesterone influences many aspects of the body in a cyclic pattern. Along with informing the body about when to ovulate and when to menstruate, progesterone also influences the cervical fluid pattern.

Did you know?

Progesterone levels rise around the time of ovulation, peak on the days after ovulation, before going down again and triggering your new menstrual cycle.

How does the inne Strip subscription work?
We offer two different subscription plans (3 months / 12 months) to meet your individual needs. Both plans are billed monthly, and your strips also ship monthly.

When ordering your inne minilab, you’ll receive your inne reader together with the first monthly supply of inne strips. Based on the plan you choose you can cancel your subscription after a set period of time:

  • 3 months subscription: after the 3rd monthly payment has been processed
  • 12 months subscription: after the 12th monthly payment has been processed

If you wish to continue your subscription afterwards, both plans will renew automatically for another 1 month. To cancel your subscription, just send an email to support@inne.io up to 24 hours before it is set to renew.


Can I use inne?

inne is currently a good fit for women who for the last three months can relate to these criteria

I am not pregnant

During pregnancy, you do not have a menstrual cycle. Therefore you should wait until the second consecutive period after the end of the pregnancy, even if the pregnancy was not carried to term before starting to use inne.

I am not breastfeeding

When breastfeeding, your hormone levels might fluctuate and your menstrual cycle is not regular. Therefore you should wait until the second consecutive period after you stopped breastfeeding before starting to use inne.

I am not on hormonal contraception

Hormonal contraception affects your natural hormone levels. You should have had two consecutive cycles after you stopped using hormonal contraception before you start using inne.

I am not on a treatment that affects my cycle

Medical treatments that can affect your cycle, should indicate so in the patient information leaflet of the respective medication. The inne minilab measures how your progesterone behaves during the menstrual cycle. If our menstrual cycle is affected due to another treatment we won’t be able to provide you with accurate evaluations.

I am not experiencing menopausal symptoms

Menopausal symptoms can be hot flashes and night sweats. During menopause, your hormone production decreases and can fluctuate. We hope we will be able to support women during menopause in the future.

I do not have polycystic ovarian syndrome

If you suffer from PCOS, your hormonal cycle might not be regular and this might affect the accuracy of your system. We hope we will be able to support women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome in the future.

I do not have endometriosis

If you suffer from endometriosis, your hormonal cycle might not be regular and this might affect the accuracy of your results. We hope we will be able to support women who have endometriosis in the future.

My cycle is between 22 and 35 days long

For now, we can ensure the accuracy of the results for cycles between 22 to 35 days long. We are always working on making our system available for a wider variety of cycles.

I am older than 18 years old

The inne minilab is a medically certified system for fertility monitoring. It is intended for women above 18 years old.