Our pledge


We want to make a difference and try to lead by example. That is why, despite being a small company, we keep pushing ourselves to find ways of reducing our impact on the environment.

Our goal

Our vision is to make the
inne strip fully bio-based

As a values-centered company committed to making a difference and showing compassion, it is only natural that our environmental impact is something we discuss often, and more importantly, aim to minimize.


The inne STRIP becomes greener

The inne STRIP housing makes up 94% of our daily saliva test so it is an easy decision for us to switch to a 100% bio-based (mass-balanced) alternative. We have challenged ourselves to implement the change already during 2022.

As a result, the CO2 emissions of the inne STRIP housing will be reduced by up to 75% when we switch from fossil-based to bio-based feedstock.


100% bio-based (mass-balance) polymer

Next Steps

We aim to keep replacing more components with bio-based alternatives to make the inne STRIP 100% eco-friendly.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress.


The cassette makes up 94% of the inne STRIP so it is an easy decision to source a plastic with renewable-based content as it reduces CO2 emissions by up to 75% compared with fossil-based feedstocks.