Our pledge


We want to make a difference and try to lead by example. That is why, despite being a small company, we keep pushing ourselves to find ways of reducing our impact on the environment.

Our goal

Our vision is to make the
inne strip fully bio-based

As a values-centered company committed to making a difference and showing compassion, it is only natural that our environmental impact is something we discuss often, and more importantly, aim to minimize.


The inne STRIP becomes greener

Our first inne saliva test strip was developed using the available materials on the market.

We were innovating within the lines of what was possible to produce for its time.

However, we take our impact on the environment very seriously, and since launching we have worked tirelessly to find a new, more sustainable improvement to the original inne strip. Our next version (currently in development) takes innovation to the next level — an entirely new strip, that reduces the amount of daily plastic, by over 90%!


Next Steps

We aim to keep replacing more components with bio-based alternatives to make the inne STRIP 100% eco-friendly.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress.


The cassette makes up 94% of the inne STRIP so it was an easy decision to tackle this in our challenge to be more environmental. Our new strip is more advanced, requiring less mass, less steps — and in the end - less plastic.